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YAI Certified Teacher

Name: Shefa Ali
Level : 500CYT
Year of Joining YAI : 2016
Further details:

Shefa’s background is in the field of corporate communications, she is a coach, motivational speaker, wellness advocate and teacher of yoga. She has emerged as a leading voice in the wellness space in Qatar due to her authenticity, unique voice, passion for all things wellness, and her relatability. She has created several corporate wellness programs for large organisations within Qatar. Shefa divides her time between consulting, coaching clients and motivational sessions.

YAI Certified School

Yoga Alliance International® awards the title of Certified Yoga School (CYS®) to yoga schools and training centers whose education programs and values meet its international standards and abide by its ethical code of conduct.
Being a YAI certified school is being part of a worldwide network of yoga education providers that work together as a community to spread the authentic values of Yoga around the world.